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Why should one get into sales? First of all, it breaks the monotony of a 9 to 6 job. Being in sales lets you take control of your time and do things at your own pace. Sales also give you the freedom to work the way you want to work. It gives you freedom to express yourself your way.

It is also a career path wherein risks are low and the rewards can be as high as you want. The harder you work, the more rewards you earn therefore personal gratification is reinforced which in turn gives you more confidence in what you do.

And lastly, you’ll find yourself enjoying being in sales, that is if you like meeting new people and seeing different places.


Why should you get in to real estate? We all know that it is a basic need for each and every one of us which means that it is something that will always be in demand. For us Filipinos, owning a piece of property is a sign of stability, a person or a family is on its way up.

We also know that real estate isn’t exactly an unlimited thing. This is where the Law of Supply and Demand comes in. If the demand for real estate is higher than its supply, the prices of real estate increase. This is the main reason why properties appreciate in value as time passes. This is also why real estate is what most multi-millionaires tend to invest on; it is a measure of wealth. Real estate is also a good hedge for inflation and a good source of passive income.


Why should you invest on real estate in the Philippines? The current status of the industry here is booming. With a wide variety of developers putting up different projects almost everywhere in the Metro, buyers now have a bigger range to choose from.

Real estate prices in Metro Manila are also considerably lower compared to the prices from the other major cities in Asia. But this does not mean that the properties here are subpar compared to the projects abroad. Developers here now follow strict international standards in building structures and use international concepts which reassure you that you are investing in something of good quality.

The country’s steady growth in home ownership is further aided by banks reducing their home loan rates, driving further buying opportunities.


Why should you join Philproperties? As mentioned, the Philippines has a wide range of developers putting up different projects around the Metro. What does this have to do with Philproperties? Philproperties International Corporation is accredited with most of these developers giving PPIC authority to sell all these projects. This inventory of over a billion pesos worth is available to all Philproperties sales persons which in turn provide them with more than enough projects to offer their clients.

Philproperties also provides competitive and progressive professional rates which means there is ample room for growth. In line with growth, continuous professional education seminars as well as different trainings are also provided to all who are affiliated with PPIC.

PPIC also provide staff support and constant updates about the different projects which eliminates the hassle of going the different developer offices to get them yourself. This make you work and manage your time more efficiently.

Another tool that will make you work more efficiently is our CRM or the Customer Relations Management. This system lets you organize everything related to your real estate selling like contact details of prospects, different projects you offer, and it even lets you forward files or send emails to your clients. And lastly PPIC also offers customized websites for more exposure and to project professionalism and credibility.


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