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Franchise Opportunities

Philroperties International Corporation offers different business systems for real estate brokers, salespersons or any qualified individuals such as OFWs, investors, and retirees who want to be affiliated with Philproperties through franchising.

These franchise opportunities can be taken advantage of with little initial investment. These opportunities offer quick and high ROI. This type of business is relatively easy to operate and manage. Aside from this, all brokers and sales persons have access to our CRM system which serves as their own online organizer and provides convenience despite their hectic daily activities. All data and files are available for download 24/7 from each of their accounts.

Philproperties International Corporation also gives protected territory, advertising assistance, marketing strategies, loyalty bonuses, and property listings to individuals who want to collaborate with us here and/or abroad. Here are the advantages of being a franchisee.


Philproperties System
Website Project Inventories Contact Management Online Marketing Campaign
Domain Name Property Listings Sales Account Management System Training
Website Updates Advertisements eSalesforce (Salespersons Management) Coaching/Mentoring
Website Maintenance Multiple Listing System Access Basic Real Estate Sales Training Accreditations



The business can be operated in the comfort of your own home. Any interested party may take the opportunity to build their own network and eventually upgrade to a Broker Franchisee.

Salespersons Package
1 Broker = 20 Salespersons

Parties interested in this system must have an office space to accommodate the sales force and clients. The Broker Franchise system is open to brokers who want to build their own network with a maximum of 20 salespersons.

Group Plan Package
5 Brokers
20 Salespersons per broker
Sales Person Package

The Area Franchise System is available to brokers who want to have a broadened network to operate on. The business should be composed of at least five (5) brokers with a maximum of 20 salespersons each.

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Franchisng packages

Trademark Licensees have the advantage of being able to operate the business at home while the Broker Franchisees are required to provide an office space at least 24m2 in floor area. Area franchisees, on the other hand are required to provide an office space with at least 50m2 of space and complete office equipment and facilities such as computers, function rooms, and a receiving area etc.

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Why Franchise?

franchise ideasMajority of all franchised businesses are successful and stay in business for a long time. A reason for this is that support from the franchisor will always be available to all franchisees. Plus, franchises are based on proven ideas, concepts, systems, and methods which make this type of businesses a relatively low risk endeavor. Also, the brand is easily recognizable because of the gained reputation by the franchisor.

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About Philproperties

Philproperties Trademark Logo

Philproperties International Corporation is a professional online real estate company providing quality projects, affordable homes and smart real estate investment opportunities.

PHILProperties International Corporation (PPIC) is a vibrant organization managed by experienced and successful real estate professionals and practitioners of this generation. Since being established on September 8, 2006 PPIC have rapidly grown into one of the best professional online real estate companies in the Philippines today.

Initially, PPIC was entrusted with marketing prime and strategic real estate properties located in the business, residential and tourism areas of Quezon City, Cainta, Taytay, and Tagaytay City. Philproperties has grown bigger and now offers more properties situated in Metro Manila and other nearby key cities in the Philippines.

In time PPIC has broadened its marketing reach by partnering with some of the biggest real estate developers in the country, such as Ayala Land (Avida), SM Residences, DMCI Homes, Robinsons Land, Eton Properties, Sta. Lucia Realty, and Vista Land. Philproperties also has special accreditations and arrangements with other aggressive developers like Duraville Realty, New Apec Realty, and Nobleland Ventures Inc, etc. PPIC also handles exclusive projects such as Bayo Condominium and Suites by Wil-Vic Construction & Dev. Corp. and Monticello by Cathay Land.

PPIC sales associates and staff are experienced, capable, and deeply committed in providing the best suited project for each client. Philproperties’ clients can choose from a wide range of projects that cater to the mid-income demographic up to projects that are geared towards the high-end market.

Currently, Philproperties is still hard at work in seeking accreditation from more developers in the country. The company is constantly looking for ways to improve our services and is still in the process of growing. PPIC is also in the process of expanding locally and internationally and is looking for willing franchise partners. Also, a new satellite office in Quezon City is now open and ready to accommodate brokers/ sales persons and clients alike.

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Franchise Requirements

  • Initial investment (Franchise fee)
  • At least attended 2 years of college
  • Earned at least 12 CPE units
  • Complete Philproperties Training
  • Must have good moral standing

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Frequently Ask Question

There are more than 200 franchisors and 25,000 franchisees operating as real estate companies worldwide. Surprisingly, because of the lack of a governing body that is solely focused on the real estate industry, franchising of real estate businesses has not really picked up in the Philippines yet. But now, since the RESA law has already been implemented, Philproperties International Corporation aims to be one of the 1st real estate companies to venture into franchising in the Philippines.


In franchising, the franchisor prescribes the franchisee a comprehensive plan or system for managing and operating a business. In this case, the plan provides step by step procedures for the major aspects of Philproperties’ operations and anticipated management problems. The major advantage of investing in any Philproperties Franchise package is that the system has already been developed, tested, and proven to be effective for six years therefore saving a considerable amount of time and effort in starting up a business.


To be able to avail of a franchising package, the interested party should be a licensed broker. However, you don’t necessarily have to be a licensed broker to be able to take advantage of the licensee package.

Important questions you should ask yourself to gauge if you are suited for the real estate business:

  • Am I physically and mentally ready for the business?
  • What type of work is really appealing to me? Do I really enjoy working with different people and properties?
  • Am I capable enough to make decisions that could eventually be the difference between being successful and failing in the business?
  • Am I motivated enough to work hard and maximize my earning potentials?
  • Am I confident enough to work as my own boss?
  • Am I willing to learn different ways to market different types of real estate (ex. online marketing?


The franchising system is designed to provide a pre-tested formula for success plus ongoing trainings for continuous improvement. The flaws and kinks have been worked out from the system though years of experience. Most independent businesses fail because of lack of proper management thus making for a bad investment. With a franchised business, your franchisor will always be willing to guide you through difficulties and problems that are inevitable in the business.

Your hard work and the franchisor’s expertise spell a long, successful, and mutually beneficial relationship. No one can ever be 100% sure of success, although the majority of franchise owners are doing well and are successful. Recognize that the difference between succeeding and failing ultimately depends on you and you management of the business. Based on PFA statistics, 90-95% of franchise businesses are financially successful.


Franchisees are never alone. Having your franchisor or anyone with more experience always available for guidance and support is an indispensible advantage in any business endeavor. Along with the franchisor, you also have other franchisees that have parallel business experiences.

Furthermore, as the franchise matures, the brand and trademark becomes more valuable. As a franchise grows in numbers, the multiplication of sites creates a stronger market presence which benefits all franchisors as well as the franchisee.

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