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17 different properties offered under one roof

Philippine Daily Inquirer By Theresa S. Samaniego
Friday, June 10th, 2011 8:51 PM

SMDC Condo Craze PromoFilipinos have long had this penchant for bazaars and fairs, where they expect to get great steals and real bargains – from food, clothes, appliances to gadgets – practically everything a consumer would want and need.

But what about a fair devoted solely for selling condominiums? And from one developer at that?

Yet again, SM Development Corp., the country’s fastest growing real estate developer, pulled off another first as it recently opened the “SMDC Condo Craze.”

One-stop shop

“Well, we’re really, in a way, borrowing from the consumer trend of having crazes. Our point is that it’s not only consumer products that can have a craze, I think something like a (condominium) is also equally beneficial as a concept to have a one-stop shop,” said Nita Claravall, senior vice president for marketing, SMDC.

In an interview during the opening of the SMDC Condo Craze, Claravall explained that it would be wise in the case of SMDC to house everything under one roof since it has 17 different property developments across the metro and in nearby provinces.

“Because sometimes you are so busy you don’t have the time to go from one place to another trying to visit all the different properties. Here it’s in one place, you have financing available for you, we have leasing reservation and we even have some giveaways so it’s a very good concept,” Claravall explained.

SMDC Condo Craze Promo

This one-stop shop, she further said, would allow potential condo buyers to choose from the company’s wide array of developments and even get good interest rates.

During this Condo Craze, which will run from June 6 to 20, future residents will be able to avail themselves of flexible payment schemes and an exclusive interest rate of 5.75 percent for the first year of payment through SMDC’s partner banks, BDO and ChinaBank.

“SM always gives you good value. Our condos are very affordable. It’s madness for you not to get (a unit). The 5.75 percent rate is already very low, and we’re even (reducing) reservation fees because normally you would pay P25,000 for reservation. But for the next two weeks, you will have to pay an initial P15,000 and pay the rest in installments,” Claravall explained.

Claravall also pointed out that throughout the craze, potential buyers can talk to onsite property specialists and banker to help them decide which unit at what area would be most suitable for their needs.

“We can give them instant processing,” she added, further noting that if this first craze turns out to be successful, SMDC may likely hold a similar fair in the future.

Target market

Also, according to Claravall, SM projects can cater to a broad scale of target market, from B to upper C. She however stressed that it’s not so much about the income levels, but rather also about at what point the person is in his or her career or personal life.

For example, she said, young married couples may find something suitable from among the SM Residences projects while those that are just starting to climb the corporate ladder may choose a unit from the M Place as this offers more affordable units.

“Although it is something that you can’t use right away because it’s preselling, can you imagine if you just put away P5,000 in three years you have your own place already,” she said.

Still, these SM Residences projects will help achieve Henry Sy’s vision to give every Filipino a home, according to Claravall.

Interested buyers can choose their preferred condos at the Condo Craze being held simultaneously at the SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa, SM Megamall and also in all SMDC showrooms across Metro Manila.

Most of the units offered by SMDC are located strategically in the greater Manila area’s major commerce and lifestyle hubs.

All SMDC condominiums feature attractive amenities such as garden sprawls, function halls and recreational areas. Some even have their own malls and SaveMore markets right at their doorstep.

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