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Bayo a Profitable Condominium

Bayo Condotel and Suites is a residential condominium with hotel like amenities. It can be purchased as a residential unit or a condotel unit that will serve as a vacation house to buyers whom would probably only occupy the units not more than a month. The BALIK BAYANS or other Filipinos living abroad are the best possible clients for this. They can use the unit for up to 30 days maximum per year. All condotel unit owner or whom ever they had let to use their unit are treated as guest while they were using their unit and for the remaining days or the year as an investment real estate that can generate income through the condotel concept. hotel

A condotel or condo hotel concept is a condominium project that is operated as a hotel with a registration desk, cleaning service and more. The units are individually owned and it is an income generating property and self-liquidating asset due to rental income. A hassle-free investment and property management as the hotel can rent out their unit with all services provided by day, week, or month.

Invest now at Bayo Condotel, experience living in the bustling and entertaining life in the city of the Stars Quezon, City. Be a resident or a hotel investor either way you will surely feel at home at Bayo Condotel and Suites.


For more information about Bayo Condotel and Suites contact the Philproperties Team at 910.5546 / 799.2151 /0917.973.4815 / 0922.887.7556. info@philproperties.ph or visit: www.bayo.philproperties.ph


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