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Bayo Condotel and Suites opening just around the corner of Bayoran Street and Sct Tuazon


bayo condotel facadeOne of the most affordable condotel in the metro is soon to be opened at the heart of a commercial hotspot in Quezon City. Bayo Condotel and Suites, a 12 storey development by Wil-Vic Construction and Development Company, is now in its finishing stages and will be ready for turnover by the 1st quarter of 2012. Being in the middle of a busy district, the idea of getting a place in Bayo seems to be a good proposition. Its location provides convenience to the regular busy 9 to 5 young employee or a starting family looking for a safe and homey environment to live in while being within a stone’s throw away from anywhere they might need to be. The development stands on a corner lot of Bayoran Street. and Sct. Tuazon. A few minutes’ walk or drive to any direction from Bayo will either get you to a restaurant, TV Stations (ABS-CBN and, GMA) Schools (Paref Northfield,St. Mary’s College, and Piagetian Guided Education Center), malls/department stores (SM City North EDSA, Trinoma, Gateway Mall, and Centris Mall), and hospitals even(St. Lukes Medical Center, Philippine Heart Center, Capitol Medical Center, East Avenue Medical Center, Veteran’s Memorial Medical Center) . Not to mention the 7 commercial establishments at the ground floor that will all cater to the needs of the occupants of the building. Also, about a few hundred meters away are other developments, one being MyPlace by SMDC, and La Brezza Tower by Sta. Lucia Realty. The presence of these other developments helps in getting the value of land appreciate in the future therefore making Bayo units a good investment besides being a good place to live in.

Bayo Condotel and Suites does not only cater to people looking for a place to live in. It also caters to people who are more interested in investing their hard earned money for future income. The Condotel concept is basically instead of buying a residential unit for personal use; the client buys a condotel unit and will receive a quarterly income. The owner will get 50% of the net earnings of the condotel operations. Also, the owner gets a free 15 to 30 day stay in his own unit which is transferable to anyone he/she pleases. 

Bayo is geared to capture the market share previously held by Danara Hotel, which is now demolished, and Camelot Hotel’s clients who may be more interested in a newer place and more modern facilities. Camelot Hotel has been a well known establishment for a long time now but since our facilities are brand new, more hi-tech and more updated, prospected clients would be more inclined to visitBayo instead. The other developments around the area such as MyPlace by SMDC, and La Brezza Tower by Sta. Lucia Realty can also be considered as other options. The said competitors’ prices are generally higher in terms of cost per sq/m. Also, Bayo offers more variety in unit size, unit layout, and number of bedrooms per room.

The design of the building itself is another feature of Bayo worth mentioning. The building has an atrium in the middle that both provide natural lighting and proper ventilation. There are also air vents around the building that also improve the ventilation of the units. These features eliminate the feeling of being cramped and gives a more airy and comfortable atmosphere for the occupants. Bayo also has different amenities at the disposal of the unit owners. These amenities are: a fitness gym, a muti-purpose hall at the penthouse, a promenade area, a lounge, open air function space, a swimming pool, and an entertainment room.

Nowadays, our means of living is getting more expensive because of the economic instability of our country. Prices of everything seem to go up every shopping day. Also, people now are getting busier and more preoccupied with work to the point that convenience is becoming almost a commodity and that people are willing to pay extra. For staring families, young professionals, finding a good, affordable place to live in can be quite a challenge. These are a few of the reasons why Bayo Condotel and Suites is a practical choice as a new home. Its location, affordability and friendly and flexible terms of payment makes Bayo units a very good investment. 

Interested people can inquire by calling Bayo’s exclusive marketing arm, PhilProperties International Corporation at 910.5546 and 667.3757, email us at info@philproperties.ph or visit http://www.philproperties.ph/bayo-condotel-and-suites/

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