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Implementing Rules And Regulation Of R.A No. 9646 Real Estate Service Act (RESA) Law

In pursuant to Section 5, (J), Article II and Section 42, Article V of Republic Act No. 9646, “An Act Regulating the Practice of Real Estate Service in the Philippines the PRB-RES and the PRC had released its Implementing Rules and Regulation. Last July 24, 2010, the IRR had been published in the Philippine Star Classified Ads Section and in the Philippine Daily Inquirer Metro Section of the news paper. RA 9643 will effectively be implemented after 15 days of publication of the IRR.

The IRR basically is the same as RA 9646 but had some added provision to it. They added some ruling with regards to automatic licensing without examination, the continuing professional education, requirements on registration for private practice and government assessors, the rulings on the salespersons, and the exemptions to the regulation.
The official seal of the Professional Regulatory Board of the Real Estate Service (PRBRES) has also been created and published at the same time that the IRR was released in public.
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