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South Forbes celebrates Japan

The Philippine Star
Updated July 08, 2011 12:00 AM

South Forbes Golf City-Tokyo MansionsMANILA, Philippines - The month of July commemorates Philippines-Japan Friendship Month when Filipinos, especially the youth, are introduced and immersed in Japanese tradition and culture for both peoples to enjoy and nurture together. This year’s theme, “Over the Milky Way,” takes its cue from the Tanabata Festival celebrated every 7th of July in Japan.

The recognition, appreciation, and integration of cultural diversity, such as this month’s celebration, are the essence of the themed Residential Cluster of South Forbes Golf City, the country’s largest fully-integrated and all-themed golf resort city at the forefront of the Metro Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay corridor, and recipient of the Best Golf Community Development by the 2007 CNBC International Property Awards, the world’s most prestigious property awards programme, and, recently, the Highly Commended Award for Best Development by the 2010 Bloomberg Asia-Pacific Residential Award.

“The Filipino culture is admirable in the way we appreciate foreign cultures and how we assimilate it to enhance our own,” said Cathay Land president Jeffrey Ng. “South Forbes presents one prime example in our Japanese-themed village -- Tokyo Mansions.”

Understated Beauty. The aesthetic awareness of the Japanese, who generally love simplicity and profound subtlety, personifies the spirit of Zen. Entering Tokyo Mansions reveals a simple display of plants and dry stones at the guardhouse, a simple structure with a slender base and a prominent roof. The swaying row of tall bamboo along the stone pedestrian walk immediately creates a relaxing, lulling effect. The short walk from the street to one’s front porch becomes a respite, allowing its residents to enter in a more peaceful disposition.

South Forbes Golf City-Tokyo Mansions

Order. The concepts of earth, water, fire, wind, and heaven are fundamental in Japanese design. The hierarchy of architectural spaces, therefore, is a direct result of these concepts, from landscaping and reflecting pools, to openings and material finishes -- each element represented.

At the end of the main avenue is an elegant structure -- the Tokyo Mansions clubhouse. Residents and guests drive along a rotunda with a concentric layout of stones. A feature fountain at the center suggests washing off of anxieties so that one enters in complete tranquility. Beyond the flank of bamboo, two identical structures separated by an open-air foyer create a sense of balance. A two-level infinity pool offers residents and their guests a chance to relax.

Soon, a Zen garden located further to the side will be that spiritual space where the mind becomes acutely sensitive to the uncomplicated.

Harmony. The density of urban housing and the lack of private space are special modern problems. One way of effectively managing space to its best advantage is to integrate both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Meiji mansion exterior, for one, is simply poetic like a haiku with clean, expressive lines. Windows and sliding doors dominate the perimeter of the whole structure, with pristine-white walls and wood-clad round columns only minimally provided.

Move in right here, right now. Call 667-3757 or 910-5546 for a free city tour or log on to www.philproperties.ph/south-forbes-golf-city/ for more information.

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